TransferWise, now Wise, is an online account that lets you send, spend, and get paid at home or abroad.

At TransferWise, I worked on developing and evolving the brand system, product marketing collateral, launching in new global markets, and on globally integrated marketing campaigns.

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Globally integrated campaigns

At TransferWise my work was speaking to users across the world. From product and feature releases to launching cards in new places, my work would inform, educate, and empower our users to spend, send, and receive money from anywhere, to anywhere, as fast and cheaply as possible.

Below is one of the more unique campaigns I’d worked on at TransferWise. The first of its kind for the business. Rather than the usual product launches, we addressed our users directly to say thank you from us. We used the opportunity to let them know that they’re making the right and cheapest choice when using us by telling them how much they’ve saved. For the brand, we pushed the boundaries of what we had to include more motion, typography, and bolder colours. The results of this now are integral to Wise’s brand identity. 

Developing the brand tool kit to scale

Wise’s bread and butter is it’s product. But we were showing it off in all the wrong ways. We needed something scalable and holistic that the whole team could use to make assets super quickly and super easily.

At this time, building design systems in Figma was becoming common place. There was an opportunity here to leverage the way we build design systems to make a mockup system to show off our product screens. Besides, all the screens were already built in Figma, they just needed to sit in something pretty.

The solution was was a mockup system where anyone with access could choose a lockup of the desired devices, and pick the screens they needed, and the geos they were marketing to.

Maturing and evolving the brand

Working with our Art Director we used stand alone campaigns to push the boundaries of the brand, experimenting with kinetic typography – the way it moved and the way it was styled, playing with the use of emojis to distil nuanced emotion into a small pictogram, and using hand drawn expression lines to add further movement and emotion to our collateral. 

Being playful in this way means that we can use campaigns to test possible creative routes of the brand in a real and tangible space. Seeing what works and what doesn’t gives us as a team a clear direction of how we can add to our brand’s language.