Arma(dillo) group described itself as a global regtech and compliance universe. 3 entities with 11 products spread across them, and serving over 420 million globally. Not to mention an entire integrated law firm.

All serious business.

The problem

The Armadillo brand was a bit of a mess. While visually consistent the brand was painfully dated, the interfaces difficult to use, and bent and broken design principles throughout.


Armadillo needed a rock solid shake up that would work across boarders.

The requirements

A brand that evokes the feeling of being a solid shield, protecting and supporting businesses. The concept should be able to be distilled into a single mark unifying each product offering.

The initial work should form a unified and solid visual foundation to later be built upon with further brand development and more complex elements like motion.

Something unique, ownable, and not navy blue.

The mark

With all the different products and services, Arma needed a simple and unifying mark to tie everything together. It had to be flexible, simple, and serious with room to add in the sub brand.

logo mark concepts

The Armadillo North Star mark

we dropped the dillo


Arma needed something clean but not over done. The rest of the industry has little to no consideration when it comes to brand building so it would be easy to stand out while maintaining a minimal palette.

We wanted something to run with the serious tone, speaking to experts and feeling secure

North star yellow

Crushed black



we dropped the dillo

Arma was looking for a solid brand foundation that can scale as and when they needed it.

Specialist creative like illustrators was a long way off. But the brand needed elevating beyond the logo, the palette, and the typography.

Using rock formation, concrete, brutalism, and fluted glass textures provides a serious business tone that ties everything together

Brand in use