Design Lead

ANNA is a business account and tax app for small businesses, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.

We help our users free up time spent on admin so they can focus on what they love about their business.

The bulk of my time at ANNA was spent getting us in front of new users. I helped the acquisition team to more than 10x the number of monthly new users signing up to ANNA.

I worked with a Junior Designer, Chief Design Officer, co-founders, and Chief Marketing Officer. Significant projects include: integrated out-of-home campaigns, swag designs, introducing animation, animated digital stickers for products, website design and email design systems, explainer videos, awards submissions, event work, and investor decks.

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For most businesses there’s no moment like the moment when they get paid; it’s when business owners really start to believe.

It’s proof that their dreams and plans can succeed. That’s why we put together an out-of-home campaign focusing on the joy of getting paid – with a particular canine spin.

The Woof campaign drove an extra 48% traffic to our app store and play store listings